Define Home Style of the House and the Type of Interior Design

There could be various situations when it's important to select a suitable style for the house, such as acquiring, building or rebuilding the house, and so on. In this article one would read about main home styles and internal styles, their origins and specific elements.

When classified according to historical periods traditional home styles are as follows. American colonial house style borrowed design concepts of homes constructed by settlers from Europe, that reflected traditions of architecture of their native countries. New classical home style appeared in period of States foundation, when Rome and Greek architectural styles had been widely used, as designers believed that antique architecture style symbolized democracy. Prosperous Victorian period and new building solutions, provided by industrialisation, resulted in appearance of rich in decoration, whimsical Victorian houses. Whimsical houses of Victorian type had been substituted by homes of modern home styles, wherein liveable area and materials were used far more efficiently. As a method to satisfy high residing needs of returning soldiers and their families, after Second World War home designers needed to create plain and cost-effective houses. New home styles, that appeared during the second part of 20th century, for instance, modernist style, postmodern house style, deny standard architecture rules, and consistently look for new forms.

According to structure of home there are certain house styles. Dwelling with bed rooms, bathroom and liveable area on its ground storey, while extra liveable space may be within basement and attic, is named bungalow. These days we often call the bungalow those houses which use space efficiently. Bi-level style houses, as it may be understandable from its name, can be dwellings where one has to climb up stairs to get to living area and kitchen. Cape cod houses are tiny and inexpensive houses with front door in the center, shutters and peaked roof. Manufactured homes are constructed at a manufacturing plant - whole house or some sizeable section of it, and after that located in some area. Mobile homes are dwellings that have wheels and thus could be moved to some other spot. Ranches are rectangle-shaped or L-shaped 1-storied houses, with big windows and commodious rooms.

And that, of course, isn't full list of house types. Styles of house interior also can be varied, in the article just a few of them will be described. House interiors in modern style prefers simple and economical options: large rooms, space-efficient home styles furniture together with casual decorations. Traditional houses have symmetrical furniture and decor elements, and produce an elegant and peaceful feeling. Diverse rustic interior designs may be identified as country styles, distinguishing features may be functional furniture pieces, for example, home styles carts, couches with drawers beneath, and so forth, handmade accessories and natural materials. Atmosphere in such houses is peaceful and eclectic. European or continental style features antique elements, and creates comfortable aura of aristocratic luxury in European country side.

In general house styles usually are categorized according to period of time, architect's name, building plan and fabrics, but actually competent architects and house stylists often dispute about home styles determining.